Ignem Terrae  (ˈɪŋ-ˈiːmə |~| ˈtɜː-ˈreɪ ), n. Fired Earth [Latin.] 
        Emily Hamann the creator of Ignem Terrae Ceramics is an artist and designer based in Sydney, Australia. Emily obtained a Bachelor of Design at the renowned fashion college RMIT in Melbourne.
After more than a decade designing for the fashion industry Emily switched disciplines; replacing the soft and often unpredictable medium of fabric with a more static grounding material that is clay. 
   Emily's artistic practice is primarily concerned with the contrast between soft organic forms and sharp sinuous lines. A practice informed by a love of draping fabrics on a mannequin, often involving the cutting and deconstructing of classical shapes to be reinvented to create unique and unexpected sculptural forms.